Advantages over other fuels

The combustion of Autogas is smoother as a result of the higher octane rating. Unlike other fuels, no additives are required to guarantee high quality. Autogas contains no lead and is therefore cleaner and leaves no harmful residue. It is actually better than petrol because it reaches the engine in pure dry gas form resulting in improved combustion. With modern combustion control technology, carbon monoxide emissions are greatly reduced and compared to petrol and diesel, the exhaust fumes contain far less harmful substances. The life of the engine is extended as a result of the absence of acids and carbon deposits. One can safely state that engines on LPG last almost twice than that of Petrol/Gasoline. Less carbon means less fouling of spark plugs and points i.e less wear and tear. The engine oil does not become diluted with hydrocarbons and soot which reduces servicing costs. Unlike diesel, you do not have to adjust your driving style. Cold starting is no problem, engine performance is almost the same as with petrol. There is no spilling when filling your tank and no possibility of theft or pilfering. The environmental advantages of Autogas for automotive use are indisputable and its use will promote a cleaner, greener environment.

AUTOGAS Emmisions Comparision


Vechicle Range100%74%65%25%56%66%
Fuel Volume (Ltr)75102117302132106
Wt. Fuel & Tank709012028812197