LPG and the environment

Exhaust gases from cars on Autogas are cleaner than any other fuel in terms of HC, NOx, CO and CO2 by at least one third, which makes Autogas less harmful to the environment. Autogas is the winning choice in both Economy and Ecology. The emissions of CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide), non burned hydrocarbons and particles are very limited. Autogas, produces the lowest amount of greenhouse gases of all the fossil fuel options. Autogas also emits insignificant levels of sulphur, the main cause of acid rain.

AUTOGAS Emmisions Comparision

  • Compared to Petrol
  • 75% less Carbon Monoxide
  • 85% less Hydrocarbons
  • 40% less Oxides of Nitrogen
  • 87% less Ozone forming potential
  • 10% less Carbon Dioxide
  • Compared to Diesel
  • 90% less Particulates
  • 90% less Oxides of Nitrogen
  • 70% less Ozone forming potential
  • 60% less Carbon Dioxide
  • 10% less Carbon Dioxide